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About Us

LightStruck Photo Project is a  photo and video services provider for events and special occasions. We aim to provide high-quality images and heartfelt video for reasonable price. Expect exceptional work from us.

Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with our clients that usually results to friendship over time.

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The Brand

Derive from our previous name "Bryan Photo Project" and a compelling reason to add the word LIGHT on what would be the company name.

the word "light" has a special meaning to us. it symbolizes freedom (from darkness) for us and gives life to our work, imagine a photo without any amount of light it would be plain darkness.

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Meet The Team


Bryan Hernandez

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Angelica Hernandez

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Jessie Nacar

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Temi Williams

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Aryan Sehgal

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Daniel Cochon

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Anton Badajos

Trusty Enriquez

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