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Do you have awesome engagement photos? (or any other photos) have you ever wanted those photos shown on your venue while your guest is waiting? Rent our exclusive "Photo Gallery" and use it to tell your story and as a part of your venue decoration.

Package include

minimum of 4 frames

and maximum of 6 frames to rent with easel stand for each

All Printed photos will be return to you after use.

Different configurations avaialable upon setup

Installer avaialable upon request

Frames size: 16x20

Frame color: Black 

Easel stands: Portable and Lightweight

Starting price: $150.00

*Prints are sold separately. $25/print

*Mileage charge may apply 

Different configuration setups depending on your preference

Lighting options are avaialable if venue placing is not well-lit 

For hotel reception: the photo gallery are usually placed outside the entrance hall to attract the guest to come in 

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