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we like to call this our

"Shot List"

            As we navigate through the busy day of the wedding this set of categories are what we look for and are expecting to capture throughout the day. We actively seek to and make sure we are capturing all the details, the moments and the unexpected. We as a photographer are honed to capture creative and artistic photos that will surely captivate our clients and spectators alike. 


"it's all about the details"

I begin every wedding day by photographing bridal details. After I arrive and greet everyone, this is the first thing I ask for. I consider “Bridal Details” to be any small element that the bride will either wear, or carry with her as part of her wedding day. This typically includes the wedding gown, veil/hairpiece, shoes, jewelry, garter, wedding bands, engagement ring, and bouquet.

Getting Ready

"The calm before the storm"

Tho not the most essential part of the day, Getting ready stage is one of the few moments us photographers can catch our Bride & Groom and give them directions. this moment can showcase their anticipation for the upcoming wedding later on.

Family/Entourage Interaction

"You will always be my baby, how time flies"

 This is where we can also incorporate adding family members or wedding party to interact with the B&G individually often times showcasing how important the maid of honor is to the Bride or the best man to the groom.

Ceremony Entrance

As the Ceremony starts the weeding party makes their entrance and of course. ALL EYES ON THE BRIDE. We also include the whole wedding ceremony and what it looks like from afar along with the intimate moments of exchanging rings, signing the documents and the best moment: "the kiss"

"Here comes the Bride"

Family & Relative 

It is not everyday that we dressed up nice and clean up well. So we make sure everybody takes part on the few pictures. This is also one of the few events that family, relatives and friends are  complete and looking sharp.

"Uncle Bill has clean up well"

Wedding Party / Entourage

"The VIP of the Bride & Groom"

This is the special individuals in the lives of our B&G hand-picked and carefully selected to walk with them in the aisle. these VIP selections deserve some great photo moments don't you agree?

Formal Portraits

Just the Bride and Groom of this phase of the wedding. showcasing intimate affection and love through our eyes. 

"It's All about the Bride & Groom"

Reception Details

"Plate arrangements, Décor, ambience"

From venue selection, plating style, centerpiece decoration, cake, seating chart, guest book and entrance table all have been carefully thought of by the Bride and Groom. We wanna make sure we don't miss any details of that. We want to preserve and create a artist view for each special masterpiece.

Reception Program

"Speech, Dance and Games"

Let's get to the dancing and toasting! Capturing the full experience of the first dance, heart-warming speeches and fun-loving games. Go ahead and throw the bouquet and let the groom take the garter off.

Special Request

Not all weddings are the same. We wanna capture the personality and important moments in this one of a lifetime event. Do you have a sparkler send off? A firework show? whatever is happening in the wedding we are there to capture and document the day

"Sparklers and more"

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